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Do I have to create an account to search for housing?

No. Searching for housing on our platform is free. Please keep in mind in order to book housing you must have an account with us.

How do I pay for a booking?

To pay for a booking. After you select request now. You will receive an email to your verified email we have on file. The email will have a pay now option where you will be asked to enter your banks, account number and routing number. After you submit your payment you will receive a confirmation email.

How much do I have to pay to reserve housing?

Travelers are required to pay 50% down if they are staying more than 30 days of the first months rent. Travelers that are staying less than 30days are required to pay the full amount. Agencies are required to pay the entire cost at booking.

I am having technical issues, who do I contact?

We apologize about the inconvenience. Please contact Be sure to include a detailed description of the issue you are having and your contact information. Someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

I don't see any housing options avaiable where my next assignment is what do I do?

Please email us at so we can assist you further in finding housing. Please provide as much information in the email so we can better assist.

Is there a fee to create an account with Health Care Travels?

No. Creating an account is free for Travelers, Homeowners and Travel Agencies.

What are the service fees for booking?

It depends. For length of stays less than 30 days the service fee is $25.00. For length of stays more than 30 days the service fee is $50.00. *Service fees apply to both the Traveler and the Home Owner

What do I do if i'm being asked to western union money or paypal money?

Don't do it. Report it to or call us at 1-866-955-9944 for any suspicious activity. Please provide all evidence you may have.

What forms of payment do you accept?


What if I have multiple rooms that I would like to rent out in my home?

We suggest you create separate listings for each room. This will allow you to keep track of which room(s) are available to be booked by looking at the calendar. We also suggest labeling the rooms by alphabetic or numeric order. ex: Room A or Room 1

What is a Scout?

A scout is a person that is physically located in an area in which another travel healthcare professional is trying to secure housing. If a listing does not have a verified stamp, travelers may request a scout. Scouts should be open to meeting with homeowners in person to check the accuracy of the home for the healthcare professional before booking.

What is the difference between instant and requested booking?

Instant booking the homeowner automatically gives the approval for a booking request and Health Care Travels can collect payment right away. Requested Booking- The homeowner is more in control of which bookings they approve or reject.

What things do I need to become verified?

Each account differs and has specific verification documents. All accounts can attach social media info as a way of verification. Below is a list of a few items required to have a verified account. Homeowners- Drivers License, Utility Bill, Property Tax Statement, links to other websites where they are already hosting like Airbnb and Homeaway. Agency- Tax ID, housing recruiter contact, email of person creating the account and company website. Traveler: Drivers License, copy of your travel contract, picture of your work badge, recruiters name, email and number, practicing license number, state and board website to verify.

When will host receive a payout?

From the time the Traveler checks in he or she has 24-hours to submit to us their check-in form. Regardless if we do, or do not receive a check-in form from the Traveler after 24 Hours of check-in we will begin processing a payout. Host will receive a text or email. Once you have provided the information needed you will receive a payout in 2-3 days. (Exception to Holidays)

Why do I have to upload verification documents?

It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of all our users. We ask for methods of verification to verify that indeed you are a real person. We do this to prevent scams and the misuse of our platform.