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Photo Standards

This article is aimed at guiding you on how to post pictures to attract maximum attention on the Health Care Travels platform.


Profile Picture

The profile picture is the first image users will upload when creating an account on the Health Care Travels platform. The picture should be taken in a well-lit environment devoid of background distractions. The picture should feature only the user, no child or family dog, and so on. Use pictures taken in your regular clothes, work scrubs, or any other attire you are comfortable in so your face appears clearly.

Photos of Listings

For the photos of your listings, we highly recommend using the services of a professional real estate photographer because statistics show that professional photos attract more viewers than pictures taken with a phone camera, no matter how sophisticated the device may be. A professional picture of your listing accentuates the look of your property and will usually captivate travelers checking your listing, leading to increased reservations. The services of a professional real estate photographer cost a few hundred dollars but can bring you thousands of dollars from bookings. However, if you are unable to hire a professional photographer, we advise taking pictures with your smartphones using a tripod to increase the quality as much as possible. A lot of apps are available to clean up your photos to make them eye-catching.

Important Factors to consider when taking pictures of your home

The pictures of your listing should captivate the traveler the first time they see it. Ensure that you have everything in your home arranged impeccably before taking pictures because you want to create a lasting impression the first time. You want to achieve two things with your photos; Firstly, you want travelers to see the space, and secondly, you are helping the traveler envision themselves in your space even before making a reservation.


Keep these tips handy when taking pictures of your home:

Higher Resolution is better: ​Your pictures shouldn’t go below 1024 x 683 pixels. The larger, the better.

Take landscape photos:​ ​Portrait pictures won’t show all the details of your space and that could make you lose travelers.

Upload a variety of pictures: ​Its easier for travelers to make up their minds if they can see pictures of the interior, exterior, and neighborhood of your space.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of high-quality pictures to your success on the Health Care Travelers Platform. Your picture is the first thing travelers check when they visit your listing on the Health Care platform, and the majority of travelers make a decision to book or otherwise based on the quality of the photos of your space.

People often flock to listings with beautiful photos, and they tend to receive more bookings, which is why it’s important for you to dedicate some time to make your space stand out. Attract prospective travelers, show them why they should stay at your place, and help them set appropriate expectations so they can be sure of paying for the right space.

Light up the Interior

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. Lights show the color, contrast, and depth of a setting in its most natural form. If your lighting is great, your photos will turn out awesome, and this helps to create an impression that you are a professional host worth staying with.

It’s best to shoot during the day, letting in as much natural light as possible and turning the lights on. You don’t have to shoot in the direction of the windows because most modern cameras can adjust their lighting accordingly. You don’t want to create the impression that you are hiding something. Keep the blinds open to allow natural lighting to flood the interior so they can see everywhere clearly. Keep the space clean


Before you start shooting in every area of your unit, it’s important that you tidy up the space to make it free of clutter. This will make your place more welcoming, spacious, and appeal to the traveler. Dust surfaces, arrange some magazines, and place a flower vase on the table in the living room. Try to make your space squeaky clean, but ensure that the photos are not an exaggerated representation of the way things actually are on the ground, so travelers who booked your space don’t get disappointed.

The corner shot is best

Shooting in a corner accentuates the dimensions of the space more than taking pictures of a wall. Shooting at a wall may reduce the actual size of the space in reality, whereas corners show a true representation of dimensionality. Also, make sure your photos are well composed by using the visual cues and the rule of thirds for balance to deliver a mesmerizing experience the viewer can connect to instantly.

Highlight unique features of your space

Does your kitchen really rock? An awe-inspiring view of a majestic river? A fireplace? Near the Medical Center? These seemingly ordinary amenities make you stand out from places lacking them. Show them with gusto in your photos!

The little things provide extra comfort and fun to healthcare travelers, so don’t hesitate to show your home’s exciting features. It may be a memento from the 16th century or a disk plate autographed by Elvis Presley. Always include them in your pictures, because you never know what might sway somebody to book your space. Although we encourage you to take pictures of unique things, please keep in mind things of great value to the host we don’t encourage you to leave inside the listing due to possible damages or being misplaced.

Take pictures of the exterior

The interior of your space should be given as much importance as the exterior. Help people envision arriving at your place by providing outdoor shots.

Furthermore, remember to take pictures of your community because people love to see their neighborhood as badly as they want to know where they would be living. Don’t forget to include pictures of social conveniences such as the beautiful neighborhood park, a bespoke restaurant, the lake, and so on. These are things locals may take for granted but which can be the deciding factor for a traveler looking for a comfortable space and neighborhood.

Also, the more the merrier. You can include as many pictures as you like so viewers can have a deeper experience of your space. But make sure it’s a variety of pictures, not the same picture in 30 places.


Staging is an important aspect of making your home ready for the visit of prospective travelers and involves the following.


  • Make sure the yard is groomed
  • Make sure pets are not insight
  • Remove any vehicles
  • Make sure trash cans are not visible
  • Turn off exterior fans
  • Make sure lawn furniture is properly straightened
  • Avoid photos that show your address


  • Open all window blinds to bring in natural light
  • Remove trash cans out of sight
  • No dishes in the sink and remove dish or draining rack
  • Remove clutter from stove-top and countertop
  • Put away toasters and blender etc. under cabinets
  • Hide soap, dish towels, and or cleaning supplies
  • For highlight, use fresh flowers of fruits


  • Open all window blinds to bring in natural light
  • Make the beds neatly
  • Arrange decorative pillows
  • Make sure there is nothing visible under the bed
  • Put away clothing, shoes, etc.
  • Remove any personal family photos you don’t want to be shown to the public
  • Clear the bedside tables
  • Remove clutter from dressers


  • Open all window blinds to bring in natural light
  • Make sure all light bulbs are working
  • Turn on all lights and lamps
  • Remove piles of mail, books, and magazine from sight
  • Turn off all ceiling fans
  • Remove portable room fans from sight
  • Remove any personal family photos you don’t want to be shown to the public
  • Have computers and televisions turned off -Hide all cables and cords
  • Hide remote controls from view
  • Vacuum, sweep, and Mop
  • Remove pet toys, litter boxes, storage bins
  • Dust and wipe down blinds and glass tables


  • Hang fresh towels
  • Clear Counter of clutter
  • No toothbrush, a bar of soap, shampoo
  • Remove laundry baskets and trash cans
  • Remove things laying around the tub
  • Clean mirrors
  • Toilet seat always down
  • For highlighting fresh flowers or a candle by the tub

***Please keep in mind that at any point Health Care Travels can request you to remove a photo that does not meet the Standards set for all users.