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Traveler Refund Policy

Health Care Travels Traveler Refund Policy

The terms and conditions contained in this policy show Health Care Traveler’s policy for Traveler refunds (Traveler Refund Policy) and what is required of the Host concerning the Traveler Refund Policy. This policy is applicable in addition to Health Care Travels [Terms of Use]​. The Traveler Refund Policy is available to Travelers who make reservations and pay for accommodation via the Health Care Traveler Platform and experience a Travel Challenge (defined below). The rights of the Traveler as provided in this Traveler Refund Policy shall supersede the Host’s cancellation policy.

All the terms in capitalization shall retain the interpretation provided in the Health Care Travels Terms of Service or Payment Terms unless this Traveler Refund Policy states otherwise.

Usage of the Health Care Travels platform as a Traveler or Host indicates that you have read and understood clearly and agree that this Traveler Refund Policy will be binding on you.

  1. Travel Challenge

A Travel Challenge is defined as any of the following:

  1. The Host of the accommodation (i) cancels a reservation shortly before it came into effect. (ii) Refuses to provide the Traveler access to the Accommodation (for example does not provide the keys or security code).
  2. The Accommodation listing doesn’t provide a materially accurate description or depiction about:

The size of the unit including the size and number of bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen and other spaces.

Whether the reservation for the unit covers the entire property, shared or private room, and whether another entity such as the Host will also be using the unit during the reservation.

Special facilities or features are either not available or not functional such as bathrooms (bathtub, shower, toilet), hot tubs, pools, decks, kitchen (stove/refrigerator/sink or other important appliances), heating, or air conditional systems, electrical systems, or the location of the unit (proximity).

  1. At the beginning of the Traveler’s reservation, the unit: (i) is not tidy and clean (ii) contains health or safety hazards that would impair the ability of the Traveler to reasonably use the unit in Health Care Travels view, (iii) does not provide clean bathroom towels and bedding for the Traveler’s use or (iv) contains vermin or pets missing in the Listing.
  2. The Traveler Refund Policy

As a Traveler, if you experience a Travel Challenge, Health Care Travels will, at our discretion either (a) refund you the total amount you paid via the Health Care Travel Platform, depending on the type of Travel Challenge experienced, or (b) do everything within our capabilities to find and make a reservation for another Accommodation for the unused nights on your reservation which is similar to the type of unit described in your original reservation regarding rooms, size, quality, and amenities. All the decisions of Health Care Travels about the Traveler Refund Policy, including but not limited to the size of any reimbursement and the comparability of substitute accommodations, are subject to Health Care Travels discretion, and final and binding on the Hosts and Travelers.

  1. Conditions where a Travel Challenge can be claimed

You are required to meet the following conditions before you can submit a valid claim for a Travel Challenge and receive the benefits applicable to your reservation:

  1. You must be the Traveler that made the reservation for the accommodation. B. You must provide us with proof (such as photographs and other evidentiary materials) of the Travel Challenge either through the Telephone or [in writing] about the Accommodation and the circumstances surrounding the Travel Challenge within 24 hours after either (i) the start of your reservation, or (ii) you found out the Travel Challenge and must respond to any requests from Health Care Travels for additional details or cooperation over the Travel Challenge.
  2. You must not have caused the Travel Challenge either directly or indirectly through an action, omission or negligence, and
  3. Except Health Care Travels advises that the Travel Challenge is beyond redemption, you must have done everything within your power to resolve the Travel Challenge with the Host before requesting a claim for a Travel Challenge.

4.The Minimum Acceptable Quality Standards, The Responsibilities of the Host, and Traveler Reimbursements

4.1 As a Host, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the accommodations on your Health Care Travel listing are up to the minimum quality standards regarding access, adequate description, cleanliness, safety, and do not result into Travel Challenges to the Traveler. Hosts should be available or provide a third-party while the Traveler is staying at the Accommodation, to ensure that any Travel Challenges are resolved amicably……….

4.2 As a Host, if (i) Health Care Travels concludes that a Traveler has suffered a Travel Challenge in relation to an Accommodation on your listing and (ii) Health Care Travels reimburses that Traveler up to the total amount of fees paid or finds an alternative Accommodation to the Traveler, you agree to reimburse Health Care Travels the total amount reimbursed to the Traveler within 30 days of Health Care Travels’ request. If we provided an alternate Accommodation to the Traveler, you also agree to reimburse Health Care Travels the additional costs required to relocate the Traveler. You agree to authorize Health Care Travels Payments to reduce your Payout or as stated by the Payment Terms for the collection of any amounts owed Health Care Travels.

4.3 If you are a host, you understand that under this Traveler Refund Policy, the rights of the Traveler supersede your selection of cancellation policy. If you disagree with a Travel Challenge, give us a [notice in writing] or via telephone and provide us information (such as photographs or other evidence) disputing the claims of the Traveler over the Travel Challenge, provided you have taken every necessary step to correct the Travel Challenge with the Traveler before bringing up a dispute against the Travel Challenge claim.

  1. General Provisions

5.1 ​No Insurance/No Assignment:This Traveler Refund Policy does not represent an offer to insure, neither does it represent insurance or an insurance contract, is not a substitute for an insurance obtained or obtainable by the Traveler, nor does it constitute the payment of a premium by the Traveler according to the Traveler Refund Policy. The Traveler cannot assign or transfer the benefits stated in this Traveler Refund Policy.

5.2 ​Modification or Termination: At its discretion, Health Care Travels has the right to modify or terminate this Traveler Refund Policy at any time. If Health Care Travels makes any modifications to this Traveler Refund Policy, the modified version will be made available on the Health Care Travels platform along with a notice of the modification while we will continue to address every Travel Challenge claims made before the modification comes into effect.

5.3 ​Entire Agreement: This Traveler Refund Policy represents the exclusive and entire agreement and underst