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We are glad to see you have picked Health Care Travels as your primary resource in finding short-term housing for your next assignment. We hope that your time spent with us here on the Health Care Travels platform will assist with all your short-term housing needs. To make this the best-centralized website designed with you in mind there are pieces of advice and things we always want you to keep in mind so that you get the best experience from Health Care Travels. We also want to uphold a positive reputation for healthcare professionals and the Health Care Travels platform.

As traveling healthcare professionals, we are expected to carry and have a distinguished mannerism about ourselves. Here at Health Care Travels, we know that many of you relocate to new cities often and hassle with finding trusted, safe and affordable housing. We have created this platform to tailor to the needs of all traveling healthcare professionals such as a Travel Nurse, CNA, Doctor, Dentist, Therapist, and Social Worker to name a few. Furthermore, this platform will also need the communities’ help, which is where homeowners will list their available housing options for you (the traveler) to select from. We ask that each traveler respect and take care of each accommodation booked here on Health Care Travels platform as though it is your very own.

What sets us apart as healthcare professionals is that the community understands that you are traveling on work assignments to help those in need in their community. Homeowners also like the peace of mind knowing you are on work assignments and are professionals, so that gives them comfort in knowing no big parties or illegal drugs will enter their property. This is the safe, trusted environment and reputation we would like to maintain as we grow. As we build this trusting relationship between Travelers and Host, Health Care Travels wants to make sure everyone using this platform is aware of the expectations set forth, and failure to comply will result in termination of your account or being banned.

Below are some helpful tips to help your process go smoothly.


Travelers that have previously had frequent assignments canceled, Tip: (we highly suggest you always get guaranteed hours in your contract.) If unable to obtain guaranteed hours in your contract book at intervals of 30 days at a time depending on the flexibility of the listings cancellation policy. If you book at intervals of 30 days or more, you will not need to collect or remit tax. We suggest that you communicate well with the host asking all the necessary questions prior to booking. You should also communicate with the host letting them know how long your assignment is expected to last or if your assignment is extended as soon as possible. Keep in mind some of our homeowners have their properties listed on other platforms and their calendars should tell you if the dates are available or not. So don’t hesitate to book.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS read the entire listing two or three times. Pay close attention and familiarize yourself with the cancellation policies and house rules, so there are no misunderstandings. You might even want to screenshot with your phone or print what the listing says, for the “just in case” moments.

*Please make a note, if any payments are done outside of this platform between traveler and host, Health Care Travels will not get involved if things don’t go as planned or any damages occur. We can only be of assistance if reservations are made directly on our website. The goal is to keep both parties safe. If you feel a traveler or a host is not in compliance with our policy, please contact support at [email protected].


On the rare chance, any damages occur, please inform the host right away. Keep in mind, that depending on the nature of the damage, some security deposits can be used to compensate the host for the damages after Health Care Travels reviews the damage claim. Again, take pictures to submit to us on your behalf in the event damages happen. If any damages are found at check-in please notify the host immediately and take photos. You will receive a check-in text from us to confirm you are safely checked in. Please reply at your earliest convenience. After 24 hours, funds will be released on your behalf to the homeowner for your stay regardless if you respond or not.


We encourage you to utilize our services such as finding a roommate. These tools are made available to you. The more they are utilized the more you, as the traveler, can save on housing expenses.

We may update this letter as often as we need to, so be sure to periodically check back. We look forward to being of any assistance for all of your housing needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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