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Content Policy

Health Care Travels Content Policy

Posting content on a public Platform on Health Care Travels ensures you agree to comply with those recommendations and all other Health Care Travels policies.  In our sole discretion, Health Care Travels reserves the right to remove any content, in part or complete, in breach of those recommendations or our [Terms of Use], or for another motive.

Where the offenses are severe or repeated, Health Care Travels can suspend or ban the accounts. If you discover any content that seems to be in breach of the content guidelines.  Please flag or [contact us].

We do not permit:

  • Promotion of any kind such as other websites, links, business names and company logos.
  • Spamming, undesirable contact, or sharing of content in a replicated and cluttered manner.
  • Content that supports or promotes illegal or harmful actions, profanities, obscenities, danger, harassments, and vulgarities.
  • Discriminatory content see our (Nondiscrimination Policy)
  • Impersonation of another person, accounts
  • Illegal content or what violates the rights of other people such as privacy rights and intellectual property rights.
  • Content which divulges details about an Health Care Travels investigation that is ongoing.
  • Content that offers enough info to jeopardize the protection of a listing or content  which place users of the Health Care Travels community in danger.

Furthermore, certain kinds of content on Health Care Travels are subject to these guidelines:

  • Profiles and Listings: Content that’s misleading, deceptive fraudulent or untrue.


  • Reviews which aren’t the suitable representation of this writer’s or their traveling companions’ encounters.
  • Reviews that are composed in exchange for a bonus like a guarantee for discounts, payment, or other services.
  • Reviews that are composed from coercion visit our  Extortion Policy]


  • Content that doesn’t relate to the subject in hand does not pose a question or supply information that can answer a question for a contribution to a continuing discourse.
  • Trolling or targeting users of this community.