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About Us

Health Care Travels was established to solve the challenges faced by traveling healthcare professionals in securing affordable short-term housing. We are a specialized website providing a centralized platform to assist travel healthcare professionals to find affordable and reliable short-term housing. Property owners can list properties they wish to rent to healthcare professionals on a work assignment. Healthcare travelers can locate short-term housing needs, pay for reservations securely online, and also request a roommate. Travelers are also able to list their properties for rent while they are away on an assignment.

Our Goal

To provide affordable and safe housing options for all traveling healthcare professionals.

Our Mission

We aim to help alleviate the stress of finding trusted, reliable, safe, and cost-efficient short­-term housing for traveling healthcare professionals while on assignments across the United States.

Health Care Travels

Health Care Travels was established in October 2017. It is a centralized website that serves as a meeting point for travel healthcare professionals on a work assignment in search of short-term housing and property owners who have a rental space.

As a property owner, you can list your short-term housing options after creating an account on our secure website. Healthcare professionals will have the ability to search through our website by city, state, and hospital to locate housing where they may accept their next travel assignment. We will offer tools for direct communication between travelers and property owners so they can determine if the listed housing option is suitable for their needs.

If you are a traveler who wants to reduce the cost of housing, we also provide assistance in helping find roommates to help you achieve this without stress.

We are dedicated to providing a one-stop-shop platform that caters to every housing need for travel healthcare professionals. Additionally, our platform also allows travel healthcare professionals to make money from their properties by listing them on our website for the use of other healthcare travelers while they are away.

What More?

Health Care Travels also will provide a list of RV camping websites and resources that are affordable and recommended to healthcare travelers traveling by RV.

We look forward to providing services globally; we open the door to working with professional healthcare travelers, property owners, and agencies as we continue to grow. Health Care Travels focuses on value and trust, and we believe that all users can get the best results as long as we provide the appropriate resources in one centralized location.

Meet Us

Our team fully understands that assignments can get canceled at any given moment, so Health Care Travels functions to negotiate suitable cancellation policies that are fair to Travelers and property owners. The founder and CEO of Health Care Travels advocates for affordable housing and leads the team in understanding the industry and its needs.

With our services, we bring more value to property owners that list on our robust platform by taking care of and respecting homeowners listings. We alleviate the stress and length of time travelers search for housing options.

Sign up with us today and fully capitalize on the alternative housing trend for healthcare travelers! Creating an account is free and easy!

Health Care Travels Standards

The goal of the Health Care Travels platform is to eliminate the stress and danger faced by travel healthcare professionals regarding short-term housing. To achieve this, we wish to state categorically that users of this platform are not allowed to exchange personal information or conduct any transactions outside of this platform because Health Care Travels website will NOT be held responsible for any payments or deposits made outside of this platform. As a safety feature to protect all of our users, once a booking is confirmed and completed by payment, we will release contact information and the location of the booking.

Be aware that our representatives monitor fraudulent activities and we reserve the exclusive rights to sanction any user by either removal or outright banning any user who abuses our platform from our site. Kindly report any fraudulent or suspicious activity to [email protected]

Additionally, if you experience any difficulty while trying to use our platform, please contact our customer support and the issue will be promptly addressed. We are open to comments and suggestions on how to serve you better and we would be more than happy to learn how to make your experience here on Health Care Travels more suitable.

What sets us apart from others?

At Health Care Travels, transparency, inclusion, and respect are our watchwords. In everything that we do, we ensure our users are treated cordially with respect. Our focus is on professionals. Therefore, we expect that all users of our platform use professional conduct by taking care of their hosts’ properties and possessions as if they were their own. Also, hosts must be accommodating, understanding, and available for the traveler. The success of this website requires a collaborative effort between (Us): the healthcare professionals, the homeowners, and Health Care Travels to make this platform the best of its kind in the market.

As said earlier, we welcome feedback because we employ a hands-on approach to running this platform. Hosts do not have to worry about domestic disturbances such as parties because our users are professionals on travel work assignments.

The highest level of professionalism is what we expect from the hosts and travelers using our platform. You can find more advice for hosts and travelers under the help tab. We look forward to a great working relationship with you. Make sure to follow us on our social media pages and also subscribe for more articles and letters from Health Care Travels.